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All Androids and iPhones from 2018 onwards are compatible with our digital business cards. For older smartphones, we recommend using the QR code feature. See the full smartphone compatibility list here to find out more.

The details available for you to share are:

Your personal & business details: Name, personal bio, company name & more.

Contact details: Phone number, email address, website & more.

Socials: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok & more.

Links: YouTube, Shopify, Etsy & more.

You can share as much or as little as you want on your Tacta profile; the choice is yours.

The app is not required for your Tacta card to work; you can also access your online portal via the Tacta website. All your information can be changed or updated here.

You can set up your profile at any time via the Tacta website. When you receive your card, you will also receive a personal code where you can attach your card to your profile; then, you are ready to start sharing.

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When someone taps the card, they will automatically be redirected to your customised Tacta profile. From your profile, they will be able to tap ‘save as contact’, where your contact information will save to the recipient's smartphone.

Your Tacta profile will need to be accessed via an internet connection or with 3G, 4G or 5G. From there, the recipient can save your contact information.

Here at Tacta, your data is regarded with the utmost importance; we care for your information, privacy, safety, and security as much as you do. Each card is given its own unique serial code to activate it, which cannot be accessed by anyone else. Furthermore, Tacta uses NFC technology which works within an inch of the card, meaning the only people who have access to your details are yourself and those you choose to share with.

No, they do not need the Tacta app to be able to access your business card. The card can be tapped on their phone if it can read NFC, or the QR code can be scanned if the phone has a camera. They will then be redirected to a webpage where they can view your profile.

There is no minimum order quantity; you can purchase a single card or multiple cards for your business. If you are making an order of over 50 cards, please get in touch with our team to discuss tailored pricing options.

If you have issues logging into your Tacta account, please contact our friendly support service here.

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