Digital Business Cards to Streamline the way you Share Your Details

Tacta digital business cards are revolutionising how we network and present ourselves professionally, offering a sustainable alternative to standard paper cards.

Tacta digital business cards are an innovative solution for businesses that need to share their contact information quickly and easily.

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Of paper business cards get thrown away in less than a week


Of people won't do business with you if your business card is cheap looking


Of people judge a company or a person based on the quality of their business card

Tacta card is sustainable professional repurposable convenient

Say goodbye to having to constantly reprint paper business cards whenever you have changes in your contact information.

The user-friendly interface offers the ability to quickly input your information and update it whenever it’s convenient.

It allows companies to keep branding precise across all platforms, and the contact’s details remain accessible, this way, there’s no risk of losing them.


Tacta digital business cards really streamline the process of a networking and exchanging between companies and individuals, making it easier than ever to transfer contact information quickly and with accuracy.

If you’re looking for an easy and sustainable way to hand out your business cards, it’s time to try Tacta digital business cards.

All your details in one place.