Get the Most out of Your Business Card: Make the Switch to Digital

Get the Most out of Your Business Card: Make the Switch to Digital

What are digital business cards, and how do they work?

In a nutshell, digital business cards are electronic versions of paper business cards with added benefits. They contain the same basic information as a paper business card, such as your name, contact information, and job title. However, digital business cards contain more information, such as links to your website, social media pages, YouTube channel, Shopify account, and more.

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Why are digital business cards becoming more popular than traditional business cards?

There are a few reasons why digital business cards are becoming more popular than traditional paper business cards. First, as we mentioned above, digital business cards can store more information; in today’s modern world, professionals tend to have a strong online presence, with a list of links and web pages they wish to showcase, making the digital business card the perfect option.

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Monitor your information with smart business cards

Another appealing benefit of the digital business card is the safety factor they offer. When you carry around traditional paper business cards, once you have handed them over to a potential client, you have no control over that card. It may end up in the wrong hands or be misplaced. Digital business cards such as Tacta Card use NFC technology and QR codes, meaning that you decide who has access to your information.

NFC business cards are much better for the environment than traditional paper cards. Twenty-seven million business cards are printed daily, totalling 7 billion per year, amounting to 12000 tonnes of business cards ending up in landfills yearly. With Tacta Card, every user only requires one card; designing and printing costs are a thing of the past, as details can be updated via the app or online portal anytime. The cards can be repurposed if someone leaves/joins your company instead of getting new cards reprinted.

Tacta digital business cards offer a great way to share your information whilst protecting it, showcase your sustainability, and help protect the environment. Visit our shop to start your Tacta card journey today.

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